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Designing with the 2021 trends: The New Neutral

I recently wrote a blog post about the trends of 2021 (if you missed it, you can find it here) and it got a really good response so I thought it would be a good idea to expand on the trends a bit more and show you how to recreate the trends in your homes. So here are my tips for re creating The New Neutral trend.

Image Source: Ida Edith


For this trend, keep your base neutral. That means flooring, rugs, walls, ceiling and big pieces of furniture should be kept neutral. The VIMLE sofa from IKEA is perfect for this trend, the perfect beige and the right structured shape.

Image Source: IKEA


As mentioned above I would keep the base neutral.This includes your rug but I would make this textured to give an extra dimension to the design and contrast against the sofa even though it's a similar tone.

Image Source: Trend Carpet


I would use this opportunity to add contrast but adding a black coffee table. This can be any size or shape to fit your space and personal taste. This coffee table from Choice Furniture Superstore is perfect.


Depending on your space it's always good to add an occasional chair or arm chair. Not only for 'bums on seats' when you have guests but it's also nice to have a difference in seating options to break up the space too. I would stick to a black frame but add a rattan or cane back and seat to continue the neutral theme but add another texture to the space. The Modica chair from is perfect.

Image Source:


Now I know not all of your are able to change the lighting your houses, however if you can I would also recommend it! It can change the space completely and also helps to tie everything together. Again for this trend I would stick with black but choose a metal fitting. This one from West Elm has a touch of gold which can be added to your accessories to create a cohesive look.

Image Source: West Elm


Love them or hate them every sofa needs scatter cushions! This trend calls for neutral cushions with a touch of black but loads of texture! If you don't want to add black to your cushions just stick to similar tones but different textures and weaves to create interest. H&M home have lots to choose from at the moment, here are some of my favourites.

Image Source: H&M Home

Image Source: H&M Home

Image Source: H&M Home

Image Source: H&M Home


For Artwork I would stick to, you guessed it, neutral, textured with a bit of black. Here is a Youtube Video if you fancy a bit of DIY but if your not feeling that creative then these prints from Desenio will do the job too.

Image Source: Desenio

Image Source: Desenio


So here you have it, the final look using The New Neutral trend. Really simple to implement in your own spaces and creates a really gorgeous space.

Image Source: Studio Lawson

For help putting your New Neutral scheme together or for information about our Interior Design services email

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