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Interior design trends for 2024

Here we are again. That time of year where everyone is talking about the trends we are most likely to see for the next 365 days. I have put together my list of the Interior Design trends of 2024 I think you'll see lots of. So let's get into it...


You will have seen this trend already, Ruffled edged on cushions adding a traditional and feminine touch to interiors all year. But I think this trend will be around to stay for 2024. I think we will start to see ruffles on bedding and curtains in plain cottons and linens giving them a more timeless look.

White bedding set with ruffled edges.

Image Source: Everlasting Fabric

Candy Cane Stripes

Again, like the ruffles trend we have already seen candy cane stripes on everything from cushions to jugs to vases to upholstery and I don't think it's going anywhere. Choose a bright stripe for a pop of colour or a neutral stripe for that more classic look. Candy cane stripes are a staple.

Outdoor bench seating in a blue and white thick candy cake striped material.

Image Source: EstLiving


I hope this trend never goes away! Who doesn't want their bathroom to feel like a spa? Think earthy tones, brass, marble, linen and extra fluffy towels. Think about little ideas like niches, extra counter space and soft, warm lighting that add touches of luxury and to help inspire and support rituals of self care.

Spa like bathroom, with light wood cabinets, viola marble sick and gold details light taps and lighting.

Image Source: Fontes Interior

Bold Colour Furniture Accents

I have always loved this design trick so I am very happy to have it come round as a trend this year. Introducing a piece of furniture in a bright and bold colour is the easiest way to make a space look thought through and curated. It shows confidence and an interest in design.

Colourful dining room with wooden rectangular dining table and blue upholstered statement seats.

Image Source: Bed Threads

Dark Brown

Honestly, the darker the better! Try adding it on your walls for a warming hug of a room or to your velvet upholstery for a luxury feel. Contrast with black elements and lighter wood tones and use pieces in a similar brown colour but with texture at add a tactile nature to the space.

Dark brown painted dining room walls. Black fireplace surround and light wooden circular dining table.

Image Source: Little Greene

So there you have it, the interior design trends for 2024 I think we'll be seeing a lot of this year. As always, you don't need to follow the trends. I am an advocate for creating timeless interiors that you love to spend time in so if any of these trends fill you with joy then use them but if not don't feel the pressure to buy into them. Trends are not for everyone but interiors that reflect you should be. Until next time...

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