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5 reasons to Hire an Interior designer

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Interior Design has been dubbed expensive and for the elite only but I'm here to break that idea and tell you that Interior Design is for everyone. Whatever your budget, there are ways of turning your Interior Design dream into reality. And hiring an Interior Designer will help you on that journey to reality.

Don't believe me?

Continue reading for my 5 reasons to hire an Interior Designer.

1. They will save you money.

No returning of furniture because it dons't fit. No ordering more paint because the colour isn't right. Yes you are paying for a service but what you get back will save you money in the long run.

Image: Studio Lawson

2. They will save you time.

We are all time poor now a days and hiring an Interior Designer will take those hours of trying to find the best pieces that are on scheme and budget and give them back to you.

Image Source: Studio Lawson

3. They will help you define your style.

Don't know the difference between Mid Century Modern and Japandi, an Interior Designer will help you define your style and create a space truly unique to you.

Image Source: Studio Lawson

4. You hired their expertise

An Interior Designers expertise is priceless. This will not only get you unique ideas but also stop you from making silly mistakes and you have access to their knowledge and experience.

Image Source: Studio Lawson

5. Collaboration

A good Interior Designer will work with you not just for you. Our job is to take your ideas, pull it all together and create your dream space. Collaboration with a client is an essential part of the process.

Image Source: Studio Lawson

If you have a project you need help with or would like a professional opinion please get in touch, I can talk about design until the cows come home! In the mean time don't forget to come and say hi on the Studio Lawson socials and give us a like and follow 👋

Until next time…

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