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Interior Design Trends for 2021

Now we're a few months into 2021 its clear to see the new trends emerging within the Interior Design realm. Let's dive in and break these down and hopefully spark some inspiration.

The New Neutral

If you follow any major interior design instagram accounts you have no doubt seen this trend pop up of your feed. 'The New Natural' is a a mix of natural tones, textures and materials with the introduction of black to ground the spaces and give them a luxurious, modern feel. Stick to a neutral base and add black accents like this lighting and coffee table.

Image: Ida Edith

Home Office Spaces

It will come to no surprise to you that the internet searches for 'Home office design' have dramatically increased over the past year or so. And as the world comes to terms with the effects that the pandemic has had, the working world is going to see some changes and the office based 9-5 is going to change somewhat. So be prepared to see your fair share of interior designers creating beautiful home office spaces just like this stunning surprise from 2LG Studio.

Image: 2LG Studio

Textured Furniture

This trend I hope stays for a longgggggg time, I love it! I love the warmth and detail that these textured pieced bring to a space. And they showcase talent and craftsmanship beautifully!

Eco Friendly Design

No surprise that with the coverage the Climate Crisis has had in recent years that eco friendly design is increasing in popularity. We have becoming aware of our plastic use, our food waste and our over consumption of fast fashion and slowly we are becoming aware of the choices we make in our homes. This trend will become a way of life soon enough.

Image: Gray Pants

Green Kitchens

Whether its a modern or a more traditional looking kitchen you are after, sage green is going to be the go to colour for kitchens this year. And why wouldn't it be, it's gorgeous!


This trend made its appearance last year and looks like it is here to stay. Japandi style is a mix between Japanese minimalism and Scandi style creating a stunning mix of warmth and cosiness within a clutter free space.

There you go, a quick round up of the interior design trends you'll be bombarded with for the year ahead! I'm excited to see what is created using these trends as inspiration.

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