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Very pleased to say that I attended London Design Week at Chelsea Harbour and what a joy it was to be out and about again! It's been a really interesting year or so not having anything new to look at or be inspired by.

For those of you who don't know, usually new fabric and wallpaper collections get released in September and March-May each year. But for various reasons relating to the global pandemic almost all of those new releases got postponed for the foreseeable. And the foreseeable is now!!!!! So it was great to go and see Chelsea Harbour Design Centre a buzz and filled (sensibly and COVID safe) with people trying to catch a glimpse of what's new!

So what is new...


Porta Romana is a lighting and furniture supplier that was born out of a tiny London workshop, with the aim to create 'beautiful and inspiring pieces that would be loved'. To this day everything is made in Britain by incredibly skilled craftspeople.

A perfect example of this is their 'Nina Lamp'. Part of their Autumn 2020 collection. The Nina Lamp starts off as a ball of clay and is sculpted by hand to create this beautiful rounded shape. The detailed pattern is then lovingly hand painted to create this stunning piece.

Porta Romana also have what they call their 'Upcycling Club' which enables you to restore, upgrade or part exchange any of their lamps you own ensuring that their pieces are loved for generations to come.

Here are some more pieces from their new collections.


Kvadrat is a Danish textile company who is a leader in design innovation. They aspire to push boundaries to create high performing, high quality textiles, whilst also respecting the environment by keeping sustainability as a key pillar of their ethos. One of the things I love about Kvadrat is their transparency. You can click on any of their products and not only does it list of the fantastic characteristics of each textile, it has the certificates for you to download there, ready and waiting - brilliant!

This little square of innovation is the brain child of Kvadrats sister company Really. Really was faced with a problem, currently only 25% of the 95% of textiles that can be recycled actually are. And in response to this Really has created a way to upcycle textiles to create material that can be used in the design and architecture industries. This is their 'Solid Textile Board' which can be used as an alternative material for retail fixtures, furniture, and lighting.

Textile Board Really


The most colourful new collection came from Clarke and Clarke with their 'Wilderie' fabric collection. It's a reboot of their much loved collection ' in collaboration with Emma Shipley, including best selling fabrics re designed in new colour ways. Bold isn't even the word to describe this collection, take a look below.

Fabric collection Clarke & Clarke

Fabric Collection Clarke & Clarke

Their new collection 'Eco' is an elegant mix of subtle textures and tones but with an environmental twist. The herringbones and geometric fabrics in this collection are all made of 100% recycled polyester which is hopefully the start of many more conscious collections to come from Clarke & Clarke.

Fabric Collection Clarke & Clarke


Zoffany's latest collection 'Kensington Walk' wallpapers is a wonderful mix of florals, landscapes and textures. Each hand painted and printed in a classic Zoffany palette to create a dreamy collection. My favourite was this bold and beautiful tropical print, I'm waiting for a scheme I can use it in!

Wallpaper Collection Zoffany

Wallpaper Collection Zoffany

So that's my run down of the best new collections at London Design Week. It's just made me more excited for September, the busiest month in the Interior Design Calendar!

Until next time...

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