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Interior Design Trends for 2023

I am writing this on the last day of Jan 2023, a little late for your typical trends post, but keep reading any you'll understand why. I'm sure you've seen lots of these posts, magazine articles, reels and TikTok's all about the Interior Design trends you're likely to see in 2023. They all say pretty much the same thing right? Earthy tones, arches, curves are in, silver is back etc. And that's great, but please please please don't re decorate your homes to showcase trends because trends come and go. Style and pieces you love will last a lifetime! So I'm here to tell you not to follow the Interior Design trends for 2023!

A perfect example of this is the Silver trend. Silver is back everyone, if you hadn't heard. But I'm not the biggest fan of silver, I find it cold in some settings and would much rather have gold or black accents in my home. Now if I client loves silver, of course I will design a scheme with silver in mind but I wouldn't incorporate it into my space because it doesn't bring me joy.

Your home and your spaces should be a reflection of who you are, what you love and the life you have lived. It should be more about how the space makes you feel then how many trends you have followed and crammed into one space. Now if one of those trends fills you with so much joy every time you look at it, then absolutely incorporate it into your space but only do it because you love it not because it's 'the thing to do'.

So instead here are my tips for creating a home you love...

Start a Moodboard

This tip isn't new and revolutionary but it really works, trust me! Start collecting images you love for the rooms you want to design. You can do this either physically with magazines or you can do this digitally with Pinterest, which every suits you best. It doesn't just have to be images either, it can be patterns you're drawn to or material you love. Once you have finished your moodboard, you should start to see some correlation between the images. Maybe, there's a lot of curved furniture or the walls are all a shade of blue? Maybe there's a lot of stripes or velvet? Start to analyse these images and make notes of the commonality, these things are the things you are drawn to and the things you love. Then design with those things in mind.

Image Source: A screenshot of my Pinterest board

Collect and Curate

As I said above, your home should be a reflection of you. If you like quirky mugs, display them. If you have a funky collection of hats, hang them for all to see. If you love wine, get a huge wine rack and fill it. One of the best ways to add personality into any space is to add art. But what art do I buy? I hear you ask. My answer to that is anything that you love. Anything that puts a smile of your face or brings up a wonderful memory or reminds you for a loved one. Art is an amazing conversation starter, it adds so much personality to a space and life to a home.

Image Source: STIJLVAST

Don't be afraid of colour

I don't mean painting every wall in your house pink (although if you want to go for it). I mean adding colour to your spaces in all kind of ways. Paint the ceiling, have a bold coloured wardrobe, buy a block coloured rug, paint the doors to your spaces different colours. Have fun with it, colour can be your friend. You don't have to be afraid of colour, used in the right way it can create some really unique and beautiful spaces.

Image Source: Plain English Design

So there you have it, my simple ways to create a home you love. You should create a home for you and how you live in it and a well loved and lived in home creates its own story and will never go out of fashion.

If you need help with a project or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out via email or on the Studio Lawson socials. Don't forget to like and follow to keep up to date with all the goings on.

Until next time...

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