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How to make your bedroom more enticing

Updated: May 4, 2021

We spend 33 years sleeping or trying to get to sleep. Plus time spent getting changed, putting on make up, changing bed sheets and doing anything else in the bedroom. You put all of this together and it means that we spend ALOT of time in the bedroom. So here are my tips to make your bedroom that little bit more special and enticing.


I'm starting with lighting because I truly believe that lighting is the most important part of making your bedroom cozy. You need to think about how you use the space at different times of the day, do you need general lighting, task lighting, mood lighting? Over head lighting, table lamps or reading lights? It's best to layer the lighting in the bedroom to enable a change of mood when needed.


Nothing better then getting into fresh bedding right? Exactly! So invest in good bedding. The best fabrics to look out for are cotton, linen and bamboo. Each have breathable and sustainable qualities. Higher thread count doesn't necessarily mean higher quality, generally the lower thread count the more airy the sheets feel.

Image Source: Marks & Spencer


Throws are a super simple way to add coziness to your room. Great for chilly nights and for adding that extra level of comfort. They ooze warmth and add another level of texture to your bed.

Image Source: Earthen Shop


The colour of your bedroom can effect you more than you think. Your bedroom should be a calming, cocooning space that aids sleep and help you relax. Think muddy tones of green, pink and brown, blue can work too but can also make a space cold so make sure your room gets lots of natural light before you choose blue.

Image Source: My Scandinavian Home


Any one else hate having cold feet or is it just me? Not only are slippers a must in my home but so is carpet in the bedroom. If you're not a fan of carpet then you should definitely think about getting a rug to sit under your bed so that your feet land on something soft and warming in the morning.

Image Source: Walmart

These tips can make all the difference to your bedroom, they are simple but effective and I really recommend you putting these in place to make the most of a space you spend a lot of time in.

Until next time...

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