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Designing with the 2021 trends: Green Kitchens

This post is going to be light hearted and full of inspiration. Green kitchens can bring warmth and a fresh energy to your kitchen and is a great update! If you have a traditional or modern kitchen, green works with all types of aesthetics.

My design tips for this trend would be to pair green cabinets with white/light countertops and gold or brass handles and hardware. If you want it more industrial, add black metal. If you want to warm it up, add wood. If you want a more 'lived in' vibe, add tiles with a hand made look. If you need any help email us at for a free consultation.

Now for the fun bit, here's your does of Green Kitchen inspiration.

Image McGee & Co

Image Pinterest

Image Burlanes

BRB I'm just off to paint my kitchen green!

Until next time...

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