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Advent calendars: The sustainable Alternatives

The countdown to Christmas has begun. People are decorating and getting into the festive sprit and I can't pretend to not love it! One of the things I used to enjoy as a child was getting an Advent Calendar. I used to actually get two; one from my parents that was filled with chocolate (and lots of plastic) and one from my grandfather that was pictorial. As I child I didn't really appreciate my non chocolate filled calendar but as I've gotten older I've come to appreciate an alternative calendar and the tradition of something different that was started in my childhood.

This has stayed with me as I've gotten older. My boyfriend doesn't really like milk chocolate and 8 years ago (when we first got together) finding an Advent Calendar that had anything other then milk chocolate was pretty much impossible. So I made him one. I filled it with white chocolate and gummy sweets, he loved it and now it's become a tradition of ours. Every year, I make him an Advent Calendar and I love doing it. I love thinking of new things I can add to the days and I finding new creative ways to wrap and display them.

I know not everyone has the time or the want to make an Advent Calendar (most people think I'm crazy) so I've put together my list of the best (and most sustainable) alternative Advent Calendars for 2021.

For the Fitness Lover

This one is perfect for anyone if your life that is into fitness. It's full of 24 fitness related vegan goodies, from equipment to energy balls, to cookies and spreads. It's £54.99, it comes in recyclable packaging and available from Food Spring.

Image Source: Food Spring

For the Popcorn Snacker

A great option for those who want a healthier alternative to chocolate. Filled with 8 delicious vegan popcorn flavours, this gorgeous storybook calendar is a lovely alternative. It's £30, vegan, comes in recyclable packaging and is available from Joe and Steph's.

Image Source: Joe and Steph's

For the Little Ones

Of course I had to include something for kids and this Advent Calendar is just gorgeous. Not only do you get a piece of 100% organic, Dairy, Nut, Gluten and Soy free chocolate in every box, you also get a fun fact card and a super cute festive toy that's plastic free. The sleeve opens up to form a landscape backdrop to play with all 24 toys. It's vegan, it's plastic free and it's cute AF! I would have loved this as a kid! It's £55 and available from PlayinChoc.

Image Source: PlayinChoc

I also found this one which is a wonderful alternative to a chocolate filled Calendar. This stunningly designed wooden Calendar is filled with daily festive activities for your little ones to make memories and spend time together. You can choose from the activities provided or add your own. You can also personalise it with their name and re use it next year. I absolutely love this! Made is Britain, reusable, eco friendly and £37. It's available from Create Gift Love.

Image Source: Create Gift Love

For the Skincare Obsessed

The perfect Advent Calendar for the skincare obsessed. Crammed with 23 drawstring bags filled with trial sized products and one full sized product to open on Christmas Eve. All are 100% natural and fair trade and made by Dr Hauschka, a company where sustainability is 'an indispensable part of our company philosophy'. They run on 100% green energy, provide company bicycles, pay for employees' public transport fares and that's just the start. This calendar comes in easily recyclable packaging, is £85 and is available from Dr Hauschka.

Image Source: Dr Hauschka

For the Beauty King or Queen

This is the most expensive Calendar included in this blog post and I wasn't sure if it was too much to include. I've gone back and forth about it but I know how popular beauty Advent Calendars are and think it's important to show a greener alternative. This Calendar contains 26 items, yes 26. 24 of which are FULL SIZE...yes you read that right, full size! It is completely plastic free and for every Calendar sold, 10 trees are planted...yes 10! Everything is also Vegan and cruelty free and comes in fully recyclable packaging. It's £154.95 and available from Greener Beauty.

Image Source: Greener Beauty

For the Tea Addict

It wouldn't be a post from me if it didn't include tea! And no surprise that this calendar is my favourite. Perfect for those that love tea but also those that want to try a few new blends without having to commit to a whole box. It is organic, plastic free and gives you a warming cup of herbal bliss for 24 days! Perfect. It's £9.99, comes in recyclable packaging (the tea bags themselves are compostable) and is available from Pukka Herbs.

Image Source: Pukka Herbs

For the one that Deserves a Pamper

I was going to include the Lush Advent Calendar but it's sold out already. They do however, have a 12 days of Christmas box which I've found instead. Packed full of festive fun, it's a great way to get a pamper in during the run up to Christmas. It is Vegan and of course cruelty free and fulled with festive themed soaps, scrubs, gels and bath bombs. It comes in recycled and recyclable packaging, smells delicious (obviously), is £75 and available from Lush.

Image Source: Lush

For the Chocoholic

And of course I had to include something for those chocoholics out there but something that is a little kinder to the planet than the typical Advent Calendar. The Moo Free Advent Calendar is Dairy, Gluten, Palm Oil and Plastic free. It is Vegan, made in the UK and comes in fully recyclable packaging. Moo Free chocolate is also delicious! So make this your chocolate choice this year. It's £4.50 and available from the Moo Free Chocolates.

Image Source: Moo Free Chocolates

So there you have it, my run down of the best, sustainable and alternative Advent Calendars for 2021. I want every single one myself, yes even the Children's ones. I would love to know which one or ones you get and I hope this has got you in the festive mood! Until next time...

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