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10 EASY TIPS to Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

And no, before you say anything, I will not, at any point, be recommending you buy a metal straw or a bamboo toothbrush!

1. Switch your tea bags

Now as an English person I realise how difficult that statement is for most of us but did you know that most tea bags actually contain plastic? And I don't have to tell you that plastic is bad for the environment. Which tea would I recommend you ask? Well that would be Clipper Tea. I have been obsessed with Clipper Tea for quite a while now, not only does it taste fab, it's plastic free and Clipper as a company also do a lot of great things. From natural ingredients to unbleached tea bags and ethical relationship throughout their supply chain, Clipper Tea is the only choice in my humble opinion. Check out their website to find out more (not sponsored just obsessed).

Image: Clipper Tea

2. Switch to LED lightbulbs

I'll keep this segment short because if you haven't done this already where have you been hiding yourself? Next time you need lightbulbs buy LED, simple!

3. Make all of your bills paperless

Not only does this mean you'll get less mail but you'll be helping reduce the use of paper and envelopes. If you haven't already, contact your suppliers and get your bills switched to paperless.

4. Put a full water bottle in your toilet tank

Let me explain...if you put a full water bottle in your toilet tank you will be saving water every time you flush.

5. Switch to Washi Tape

Cellotape is a wonderful invention but it's not doing the planet any favours. Washi tape is a biodegradable alternative made from plants and natural rubber adhesive.

6. Switch to a Silicon Baking Mat

This tip is good for the planet and your bank balance! By replacing baking parchment with a silicon baking mat you are making one purchase instead of repeat buying.

7. Stop buying cling film

Similar to tip number 6, not buying cling film will your purse and the planet. Replace it with silicon food wraps or a tea towel or plate works just as well.

8. Delete your old emails

I bet none of you have thought have thought about your digital carbon footprint? I know I didn't until I did a deep dive into the climate crisis. Your old emails or old documents that are lurking around your cloud storage use energy to store. Do you really need that junk mail from 5 years ago? I didn't think so.

9. Make more room in your recycling bin

Now although reducing your waste is better then recycling it, I know that its better to recycle then to send things to land fill. So with that sentiment in mind buy a plastic bottle cutter. They are quite small tools that strip plastic bottles into thin ribbon so they take up minimal space in your recycling bin. I got mine here

10. Collect your shower water

This isn't a weird as it seems I promise! We all turn the shower on and wait for it to heat up. So while you wait, use a bucket to collect the water that would otherwise fall down the drain and use it to water your plants.

So there you have it, my 10 easy tips to make your homes more sustainable and not a metal straw in sight! Until next time...

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